This fantastic new style magnetic bumper car game comes with a car platform, 9 magnetic bumper cars with powerful hidden magnets inside (4 boy cars, 4 girl cars and 1 empty car) and a challenge booklet complete with solutions.
To set up the game:
Select a challenge from the booklet and place the bumper cars on the track to mach the challenge drawing. There are 12 challenges shown in the booklet and your kids may set new rules for themselves.
Place all nine bumper cars on the track with out any cars bumping into each other or bumping into the track wall. Children solve the challenge with shortest time will be the winnner!

Suitable for ages 8 and over
Carton Size: 22 x 22 x 7cm (0.003m3)
Platform Size: 19cm long x 19cm wide x 3cm high, each car: 5.5 x 4 x 4cm

Total Weight: 440 grams