K'nex 10 Model Fun Building Set

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Encourage your children's creativity and imagination with the highly stimulating K'Nex 10 building fun set! with 126 classic K'Nex pieces.

The K'Nex building system is composed of colourful plastic rods and connectors that snap together with a simple "click"! these pieces can be combined together to create real working vehicles, moving structures, and just about anything your child can imagine. With 10 building ideas, the included illustrated instructional booklet guides your little engineers in constructing truly amazing creations.

You'll be astounded at how your youngsters construct a rocket ship, ostrich, Lizard, helicopter and more with just plastic rods and connectors. In the process, this educational engineering toy will put your child on a path towards a better understanding of steam (science, technology, engineer, arts, and math) subjects.

Ages 7+