February 09, 2014


For over a thousand years Mermaids have appeared in the legends, fairy tales, art and music of many cultures around the world.

In recent centuries Mermaids have been popular subjects in art and literature. In 1836 Hans Christinas Andersens wrote the famous fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" . In 1989 Disney, released the animated musical version of  "The Little Mermaid" which was adapted from the fairy tale, and was a box office success leading to two more movies and also a televison series showing the adventures of the mermaid Ariel prior to the events of the film. 

In recent years Everworld, the Harry Potter series and Emily Windsnap….are  some of the books to have featured  mermaids as popular characters. On televison, Barbie, Dora and the Smurfs have featured mermaids in various episodes  and in 2006 the Australian TV series, H2O: Just Add Water aired and three series later had reached a worldwide audience of more than 250 million.

For some online mermaid fun, visit  Mermaid Miracles, the homepage for the California-based online TV series, with over 3 million views on You Tube.

Now Pipsqueaks has the opportunity for your children to become MERMAIDS  this summer with the Mahina range of MerFins!

The Mahina MerFin is a unique and never seen before mermaid mono-fin. The MerFins are original in the sense that they are made with recycled rubber, and are one of the first eco friendly fins. The MerFin is soft, flexible and functional and will give you the speed and agility of any fish in the ocean. The MerFin is a great pool toy, a wonderful snorkelling fin or swimming device for fitness… Not to mention the incredibubble fun of bodysurfing the waves! It is safe to use, with just one flick of the ankle strap the legs are free.



Thanks to  Wikipedia for information on mermaids . 
For more information about Mahina Mermaid please visit their website