February 07, 2014

Banbao Building Blocks

As you know Pipsqueaks Toys likes to provide it’s customer with quality low cost toys and that’s why we have now introduced Banbao building blocks to our range.

Banbao is a great brand of building blocks that can provide your children hours of fun, learning and development.

We currently stock the Banbao Black Wind Pirate Ship which is an 851 piece set including cannons, weapons, spiders, figurines and so much more to turn playtime into an exciting Pirate adventure.  The Banbao Dream House which is a massive 1100 piece set and includes kitchen, bathroom, flower garden, toilet, car, garage and plenty more to absorb the minds of young children.  The 900 piece Family Villa block set with loads of fun accessories to build and play with.   And lastly the Banbao Invader Pirates set which is 140 pieces of fun, a great set to get you started or add-on to other sets.

Banbao  is compatible with Lego which means you can add to your collection without having to spend a fortune.  These are the types of toys that will stand the test of time, and will always prove popular with children no matter what fads may come and go.

The benefit of having toys like Banbao in your home are huge.  Children in this day and age tend to use electronics to entertain themselves, and although electronics do have there uses when it comes to learning, there are plenty of disadvantages too.  Through playing with Banbao, your child will be mentally stimulated, having to think, create, problem solve all while developing their fine motor skills and imagination, plus it’s a much cheaper and more satisfying option than computers and tv.

Why not try one of our exciting new sets of Banbao Building Blocks and let us know how you and children are finding it by sending us an honest review which may then be used on our website.  If your review gets published we will send you a $10 off voucher for your next purchase with Pipsqueaks Toys.