February 09, 2014


For over a thousand years Mermaids have appeared in the legends, fairy tales, art and music of many cultures around the world.

In recent centuries Mermaids have been popular subjects in art and literature. In 1836 Hans Christinas Andersens wrote the famous fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" . In 1989 Disney, released the animated musical version of  "The Little Mermaid" which was adapted from the fairy tale, and was a box office success leading to two more movies and also a televison series showing the adventures of the mermaid Ariel prior to the events of the film. 

In recent years Everworld, the Harry Potter series and Emily Windsnap….are  some of the books to have featured  mermaids as popular characters. On televison, Barbie, Dora and the Smurfs have featured mermaids in various episodes  and in 2006 the Australian TV series, H2O: Just Add Water aired and three series later had reached a worldwide audience of more than 250 million.

For some online mermaid fun, visit  Mermaid Miracles, the homepage for the California-based online TV series, with over 3 million views on You Tube.

Now Pipsqueaks has the opportunity for your children to become MERMAIDS  this summer with the Mahina range of MerFins!

The Mahina MerFin is a unique and never seen before mermaid mono-fin. The MerFins are original in the sense that they are made with recycled rubber, and are one of the first eco friendly fins. The MerFin is soft, flexible and functional and will give you the speed and agility of any fish in the ocean. The MerFin is a great pool toy, a wonderful snorkelling fin or swimming device for fitness… Not to mention the incredibubble fun of bodysurfing the waves! It is safe to use, with just one flick of the ankle strap the legs are free.



Thanks to  Wikipedia for information on mermaids . 
For more information about Mahina Mermaid please visit their website

February 09, 2014


Halloween is fast approaching and with it the chance for young and old to dress up and have fun on the streets trick or treating.

The origins of Halloween are still being debated, but today's Halloween customs are thought to have been influenced by Christian beliefs and practices. For further reading visit Halloween - Wikipedia

Create some traditions of your own; here are some ideas to get you started 50+ Halloween Activities for Kids...

 Halloween is also a great time to get memorable photos of your children dressed in their costumes. New York photographer Joey L has some great examples at his website Halloween photography from Brooklyn by Joey L. where he stopped people on the street to take pictures of their costumes.

February 09, 2014

Buying Toys Online

Times have changed in retail within the last couple of years and Pipsqueaks Toys is keeping up with those changes.  Online buying is becoming the norm, it's increased so much recently that we are totally focusing on our online entity and have closed both our retail outlets in Albany and East Tamaki.toys online

Some of you die hard retail fans might be gasping at the mere thought of not being able to touch the products and browse the aisles in store, and yes you won't receive that same retail experience shopping online, but rest assured there are plenty of other great reasons to shop online that will help overcome those little idiosyncrasies. 


  • Firstly, you will notice our prices have decreased, we'll have loads more sales and specials so you too benefit in the fact that we no longer have the overheads associated with retail shops.


  • We have lowered our shipping costs.  We have a standard charge of $7 throughout the country on all orders, so if you're out of Auckland and never had the pleasure of visiting our retail stores, you will be benefiting greatly from our new freight rates, and if you are in Auckland you will benefit from next day delivery of your order.


  • We, in time will increase our product line so that we accommodate more licenced products and a greater range of current in-trend products.


Buying toys online in NZ will be the way of the future, and Pipsqueaks Toys intends to be here to offer you, our customers the best possible experience along with the best possible prices.

Never shopped online at Pipsqueaks before? Here’s a *$10 discount code to get you started, all you need to do is enter it when you get to the checkout:   go4g7rei

February 09, 2014

Top 10 Toys Of The Last Ten Decades

Toys had always been around to entertain children. However, toys were only mass produced and gained popularity in the early 1900s. Until today, millions of toys had been produced, and its popularity never seems to cease. With more and more demand for toys, many manufacturers are busting their skulls to come up with the next top toy. Take a look at the top 10 toys of the last ten decades.

1920s - Yo-Yo

The Yo-Yo had been around the Philippines even as far back as 500 B.C. However, yo-yo only raised to popularity in the 1920s, when Pedro Flores, a Pilipino who was working as a bell boy in the United States saw potential of commercializing the toy. Until today this toy still remains popular with cult following.

1930s - Army Men

There is not one person who does not know what army men are, even in today's generation. This toy had been a part of popular culture since its release in the 1930s. Army men come in various poses, and today there are enemy troops and vehicles as well.

1940s - Lego

Lego blocks allow children to be creative, building anything with their unlimited imaginations. Even until today, this toy from the Danish giant, Lego Company is still one of the most popular toys all year round.

1950s - Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is basically facial features that children could plug into real potatoes. Hasbro later invented a plastic spud just so real potatoes don't go to waste. This toy is so popular, it is even featured in Pixar's hit animation film, Toy Story.

1960s - Barbie and Ken

Barbie first made an appearance in 1950s, and became widely popular making a rather large comeback in the last 10 years. She discovered her boyfriend Ken in the 1960s, and the both of them became even more popular. Barbie and Ken are both still immensely popular among girls.

1970s - Rubik's Cube

Rubik's cube is a color coded puzzle which was a great hit then, and again made a big comeback recently - spawning thousands of international competitions to see who has the fastest hands to solve the cube.

1980s - Cartoon Based Toys

In the 1980s, cartoon on television had boomed, and because of that, toys based on cartoon characters were immensely popular such as Care Bear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and so much more.

1990s - Furby

Furby was an animatronics pet creature that spoke 'furbish' and it had the ability to interact with children. Over 16 million toys were sold in only one year, making it a phenomenal success.

2000s - Zhu Zhu

The Zhu Zhu pets are affordable robotic hamsters that emulate real ones - without the stench and the mess. Thousands were being sold everyday online and offline, and it was 2009's most wanted Christmas toy.

2010s - ?

The decade is still far from over. With plenty of exciting toys that were announced at the 2011 toy fair, one can only guess what will come in this coming decade, but you're kids are bound to be impressed.

Pipsqueaks Toys – Bringing joy to young and old for over 5 years.

February 07, 2014

Banbao Building Blocks

As you know Pipsqueaks Toys likes to provide it’s customer with quality low cost toys and that’s why we have now introduced Banbao building blocks to our range.

Banbao is a great brand of building blocks that can provide your children hours of fun, learning and development.

We currently stock the Banbao Black Wind Pirate Ship which is an 851 piece set including cannons, weapons, spiders, figurines and so much more to turn playtime into an exciting Pirate adventure.  The Banbao Dream House which is a massive 1100 piece set and includes kitchen, bathroom, flower garden, toilet, car, garage and plenty more to absorb the minds of young children.  The 900 piece Family Villa block set with loads of fun accessories to build and play with.   And lastly the Banbao Invader Pirates set which is 140 pieces of fun, a great set to get you started or add-on to other sets.

Banbao  is compatible with Lego which means you can add to your collection without having to spend a fortune.  These are the types of toys that will stand the test of time, and will always prove popular with children no matter what fads may come and go.

The benefit of having toys like Banbao in your home are huge.  Children in this day and age tend to use electronics to entertain themselves, and although electronics do have there uses when it comes to learning, there are plenty of disadvantages too.  Through playing with Banbao, your child will be mentally stimulated, having to think, create, problem solve all while developing their fine motor skills and imagination, plus it’s a much cheaper and more satisfying option than computers and tv.

Why not try one of our exciting new sets of Banbao Building Blocks and let us know how you and children are finding it by sending us an honest review which may then be used on our website.  If your review gets published we will send you a $10 off voucher for your next purchase with Pipsqueaks Toys.